I am a serial entrepreneur, an event industry pioneer, and the (self-appointed) ambassador of meaningful connection.

Some of my earliest memories are of staying up way past my bedtime just to catch a glimpse of my parents’ parties from the top of the stairs. Or if I was feeling brave, I would venture downstairs to hide under tables (or behind my mother’s dress) just to feel like a part of it. And ever since, I’ve had an infectious passion for bringing people together.

I’ve founded not one, not two – but five! – event-related businesses that have redefined the industry in headline-garnering ways and am only getting started. In 2010, I launched Bluebird Productions, an award-winning wedding and special events production company based in Aspen, CO. Together, my team and I plan countless weddings, corporate events, social events, brand launches, and more. Since then, I’ve also created Aspen Picnic Company, Something Blue by Bluebird, Partytrick, and The Wedding Planner’s Blueprint.

For over a decade now, I have been deeply dedicated to helping people come together in new, memorable ways. I’ve designed top-notch systems, developed an impeccable design aesthetic, leveraged all the best technology, invested in wonderful people, bucked the trends, and sought inspiration at every turn. And everything has been in the service of making magic and encouraging people to celebrate the everyday – something I try to do for my two beautiful children, too!

I am on a mission to revive the art of entertaining and to make it fun and accessible for all.


The Wedding Planner’s Blueprint is an online, self-guided course that teaches you my
Something Blue Method for planning same-month weddings. I developed and tested
this method over 10+ years in the luxury wedding market and am sharing all of my best-of-industry tools and tricks. Learn how to increase your wedding volume, streamline
your workflow, and create a business that works FOR YOU.

Partytrick is a web-based app that empowers subscribers to throw effortlessly curated parties themselves. By providing all the details and tools hosts need – like party themes, recipes, shoppable décor, pro tips, and checklists – we are making it easier than ever to
elevate everyday moments and make meaningful connections. 

Bluebird Productions is a nationally renowned wedding and event company that has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Vogue, Brides, and more as a top-tier planner nationwide. We have cultivated a reputation for creating truly personalized events with timeliness design and exceptional quality.


Situated in the heart of scenic, storybook Colorado, Aspen Picnic Company offers one-
of-a-kind picnic experiences. Whether planning a picnic en plein air or inside by a fire, our team takes care of everything with an acclaimed attention to detail and personal touch. Our memorable picnics are a true bucket list item for any couple or group.